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  • Amazon.comLUVENA Daily Therapeutic Wash

    Please Luvena NEVER change these ingredients. It's just perfect, smells wonderfully, feels even better, doesn't dry you at all, I won't use any other now.

    It's just perfect, smells wonderfully
  • Amazon.comLUVENA Daily Therapeutic Wash

    LOVE this wash, won't get any other. I don't trust any of those good smelling washes like summer's eve ect.. but this one makes you feel clean and you can tell it's good for you. Love the wipes as well! Luvena overall is a great product, was recommended from my gyno and I've loved it since.

    LOVE this wash
  • Amazon.comLUVENA Feminine Wipes (25 count pouch)

    The very best product for staying fresh and clean between baths! Been using them for over a year and can only find them at amazon.

    Highly recommend for staying fresh and clean!
  • Amazon.comLUVENA Vaginal Moisturizer & Lubricant

    Product has kept me out of the doctor's office, so I have ordered it many times. It works for me, and I am thankful to be able to order it as it is not carried locally.

    Great Product

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