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5 Feminine Self-Care Tips

5 Feminine Self-Care Tips

Self-care is so important! Its practice should not be saved for special occasions—it should be a staple of your everyday routine. While many of us already subscribe to masking nights, workouts and spa days, we often forget to give our intimate areas the same attention we do the rest of our bodies. We’re here to tell you—it’s time to stop overlooking this magical region and incorporate feminine self-care into your routine NOW. 

There are so many products and procedures to choose from when it comes to your intimate areas—from vaginal steaming, Vajacials and jade eggs to feminine body wash, laser hair removal and Kegels, to name a few. While these can be anything from healthy and preventative to awesome and pampering experiences, our vaginas are low-maintenance and can benefit from simple self-care practices.

Read on for some expert tips for feminine self-care.

1. Wear the Right Skivvies

Lacy panties may look beautiful, but they’re not always the best choice for delicate skin. They can cause aggravation and discomfort even when you’re not moving around a lot. Save the lacy lingerie for special occasions and wear breathable materials like cotton that feel comfortable on your skin for your regular daily routine. Avoid panties made of synthetic materials—studies show that they cause higher rates of bacterial vaginosis than more breathable materials. If you can’t give up fancier lingerie, try panties with a cotton strip in the crotch.

2. Sleep in Comfort

It’s best to sleep in looser, breathable fabrics, but if it’s date night and you can’t give up the sexy lace panties, at least switch into a cotton pair before you go to bed. Better yet, sleep in your birthday suit to avoid any type of friction with undergarments.

3. Use a Wash That Contains No Harsh Chemicals

Our intimate areas require a feminine wash made with gentle ingredients. While you may love that tropical-scented body wash, it can contain harmful chemicals that cause anything from rashes to irritation. Opt for a product like LUVENA Daily Therapeutic Wash that freshens and hydrates without harsh chemicals or parabens that can lead to irritation or discomfort.

4. Strive for pH Balance

pH balance is essential to feminine health. The term “pH balance” refers to the level of acids and bases in your blood that your body functions at most optimally. When pH is in balance, this staves off bacterial and functional infections; when it is not, bad bacteria thrives and causes odor, irritation and uncomfortable infections like bacterial vaginosis. Take steps to achieve pH balance such as eating a healthy diet, changing menstrual products often and using feminine care products without parabens and harmful chemicals.

5. Lubricate When Necessary

Vaginal dryness can be caused by anything from hormones, birth control, medication, pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause, among other factors. If you’re suffering from vaginal dryness, sex can be challenging. It can cause increased friction, which may result in vaginal discomfort, micro-tearing and irritation. Use a water-based lubricant like LUVENA Enhanced Personal Lubricant to restore moisture and lubricate. 

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