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5 Feminine Hygiene Tips

5 Feminine Hygiene Tips

Feminine hygiene is everything. It keeps us healthy, confident and feeling fresh. While feminine hygiene is so important, it’s a topic we don’t discuss often enough. You may have learned a little bit in school, from your mom or from Google, but chances are, you don’t have the full downlow about hygiene down there.

Feminine hygiene needs to be a priority or else both your vaginal and overall health could be at stake. If you adopt healthy habits like the ones we discuss below, this will help you avoid odors, itchiness, rashes and infections. Read on for some essential tips for keeping our intimate areas fresh, clean and healthy.

1. Gently Clean

The vagina is magical—it self-cleanses its interior and produces bacteria necessary to protect itself. Yet it’s still essential to wash the outer areas to keep it as fresh and clean as possible. However, traditional soaps and shower gels can disrupt the vagina’s natural pH levels and the balance of healthy bacteria. This can lead to irritation, itchiness or infection.

Use an ultra-gentle, pH balanced wash like Luvena Daily Therapeutic Wash to cleanse and hydrate feminine areas and the entire body. It cleanses, soothes and moisturizes with safe, natural ingredients including silk amino acids, natural oils, lanolin and vitamin E. This gentle, amazing wash includes no harsh chemicals, parabens or harmful ingredients that might irritate this delicate area.

2. Stay Dry

Always change out of sweaty workout clothing and wet swimsuits immediately after activities to help prevent infections. Shower and wash your intimate areas as soon as you can and get into clean clothes.

3. Wear Cotton Underwear

Cotton absorbs moisture and is a breathable material, which decreases the risk of bacterial growth that causes infections. Synthetic materials won’t absorb moisture like cotton—and when you exercise and sweat, this can be a recipe for infection. The good news is, you don’t have to sacrifice stylish lingerie—just opt for panties with cotton in the crotch area.

4. Be Choosy About Your Douche

In recent years, women were told to steer clear from douching because traditional formulas threw off the vagina’s natural pH balance. Then Luvena developed a pH balanced wash formulated with lactic acid and natural enzymes so that women can rinse after intimacy or menses. Luvena’s Natural Hydrating Rinse freshens, soothes and hydrates while gently cleansing and controlling odor. Unlike douches of the past, this amazing product contains no vinegar, boric acid or harsh chemicals. You’ll feel fresh and clean without causing pH imbalance. It’s truly freedom in a rinse!

5. Practice Menstrual Hygiene

It’s especially important to practice good hygiene during menstruation. Change tampons and pads several times a day to avoid odor, infection and illnesses. With the advent of ultra-absorbent pads, it’s easy to forget to change—but this leads to rashes, bacterial overgrowth and infection. Experts recommend changing tampons four to five times a day and napkins every four to five hours. Wash underwear immediately after wearing them whenever possible.

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